25 September to 9 October



A Portugal in half is a solution for those who cannot spend so many days of their professional life or for those to whom the distance of 1001km is still something scary. It still is, a very intense challenge, very immersive in all the culture of this people who were Heroes of the sea and are noble and brave.

The division of Portugal into two halves, north and south, is something perfectly assumed by the Portuguese. The river Tagus naturally makes this division and since the beginning of this nation it has been so: there is a before and an after Tagus, for us a before center, AC, and a DC, after the Tagus.

AC – Before Center
518Km / 18102m D+

DC – After Center
544Km/10272m D+

    Chaves – Alter do Chão
    7 DAYS / 518Km / 18.102m D+

    We cross Portugal a little more than half way. We go beyond the Tagus and travel into the Alentejo countryside, Alter do Chão, famous for its Stud Farms and for being the kingdom of the Lusitano horse. The hillsides of the Douro, the Serra da Estrela and the interior of Pinhal are also worth mentioning.

    These are 7 days of a greener Portugal, with steeper slopes and also with another landscape diversity.

    Longer stage– Gouveia – Fundão 81,0 km – Stage 4

    Shorter Stage – Castelo Vide – Alter do Chão 70,5 km – Stage 7

    Daily Average – 74,4 km

    8 DAYS / 544Km / 10.272m

    Alentejo is the starting point for this crossing of the southern half of the country. We start near the border with Spain, Castelo de Vide, and cross the entire Alentejo interior, heading for the coast, the Alentejo Coast, and then on to the Vicentine Coast and Algarve.

    It is a half with a more uniform, flatter landscape and long paths until you reach the sea. It is also a section of PT1001 with fewer villages along the way that will require another kind of self-sufficiency.

    Longer stage – Estremoz – Évora 76,9km – Stage 3

    Shorter stage– Aljezur – Sagres 50,0km – Stage 8

    Daily average – 68 km