25 September to 9 October



PORTUGAL1001 (PT1001) is a pedestrian race for all interested parties aged 18 and over on the first day of the race. The purpose of the challenge is to complete the 14 stages, one per day, that connects Chaves, northern Portugal to Ponta de Sagres in the Algarve, in self-sufficiency and only guided by GPS. The planned route has more than 1000km through the interior of mainland Portugal.

Runners commitment

To participate inPT1001 it is essential:

    1. Being fully aware of the length and specificity of the test and having acquired a real capacity for personal autonomy to manage the difficulties and problems that may arise in this type of event.
    2. Having the ability to adapt to predictable and unforeseen problems, and being aware that there are medical and physical risks associated with running. The participant is solely responsible for their physical condition.
    3. Facing adverse weather conditions without external help, such as: distance, type of terrain, night, strong wind, cold, fog or rain.
    4. Knowing how to manage, even in isolation, the physical or mental problems generated by great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain and minor injuries.
    5. Be fully aware that the organization’s role is not to help a runner manage their problems.
    6. Inform the Organization of any health problem, for prior knowledge, such as: diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic diseases that require specific attention.

This addendum aims to regulate the creation of 2 new stages to the event Portugal 1001, called Half PT1001, as follows:

HALF PT1001 –This will consist of 2 races called HALF PT1001 AC (Before Center – Antes do Centro, in portuguese) and HALF PT1001 DC (After Center – Depois do Centro, in portuguese).

Registration will be open starting May 10 via the Pre-Registration form on the event’s website. (https://www.portugal1001.com/pre-registo/)





518Km, seven stages, from Chaves to Alter do Chão, September 24th to October 1st, 2022.

Subscribing to the Base Package includes:

  1. 8 nights in shared double room in hotels
  2. 8 breakfasts
  3. 8 Dinners
  4. 7 snack kits at the arrival of each stage
  5. “Transfer” by train from Lisbon to Oporto to anyone who requests it
  6. “Transfer” by bus from Porto to Chaves
  7. “Transfer” by train from Portalegre to Lisbon to anyone who requests it
  8. GPS tracking and “Live Tracking”
  9. Medical support throughout the race
  10. Rescue in case of accident
  11. Technical support in the use of navigation equipment
  12. Personal accident and civil liability insurance
  13. Official Race Gift
  14. Finisher Prize
  15. Daily clothes washing in self service laundries
  16. 1 bag for washing clothes in the laundries.



545 km, eight stages, from Castelo de Vide to Sagres, September 30 to October 8, 2022

Subscribing to the Base Package includes:

  1. 9 nights in shared double room in hotels
  2. 9 breakfasts
  3. 9 Dinners
  4. 8 snack kits at the arrival of each stage
  5. Transfer by train from Lagos to Lisbon or Lagos to Faro
  6. GPS tracking and “Live Tracking”
  7. Medical support throughout the race
  8. Rescue in case of accident
  9. Technical support in the use of navigation equipment
  10. Personal accident and civil liability insurance
  11. Official Race Gift
  12. Finisher Prize and Trophies
  13. Daily clothes washing in self servicelaundries
  14. 1 bag for washing clothes in the laundries.



Values / Payment Solutions

From 01/05/22 to 31/08/22

AC – Before center


DC – After center


  • Payments in instalments are possible whenever there is an agreement between the parties. After the pre-registration is accepted, you must communicate your interest and the condition that best applies to the organization.
  • Without prejudice to agreements made, registration is only validated after payment of 30% of the total amount. The said payment must be received by the Organization by the agreed date or, by default, the fifth working day after the date of accepted registration.
  • The amount is to be paid by August 31, 2022.
  • Failure to comply with the payment rules in the preceding paragraphs will result in non-acceptance of the application in question or, if it has already been agreed upon, revocation on the grounds of non-compliance with the Regulations attributable to the Competitor.


This Addendum is effective as of 05/10/2022.

Article 1 - THE RACE
  1. Rankings will be segmented by gender.
  2. The race is disputed by all competitors, with the objective of completing the race in the shortest possible time.
  3. The race consists of carrying out a route previously determined by the Organization, without resorting to any motorized means of locomotion.
  4. The race is won by the competitor who completes the course in the lowest total accumulated time, plus any penalties and deducting any bonuses.
  5. The race will last 15 days, the first day being day zero for accreditation and the remaining 14 days for competition.
  6. The organizer of the race is Horizontes, Turismo Desportivo with NIF/NIPC 515 091 944 and co-organization of Interior Convida Associação with NIF/NIPC 515 953 067.
  1. Entries in the PT1001 race are limited to the number of seats available for each edition, which is determined by the Organization.
  2. Pre-registration is carried out through our website, www.portugal1001.com/pre-registo, filling in the existing form.
  3. Consequently, you are notified by email about the validation of your request. Check your emails or your spam. The organization has the right to deny participation requests without having to justify them.
  4. Once the pre-registration has been validated, you must make the payments indicated and agreed with the organization.

5. Subscribing to the Base Package includes:

    • 15 nights in a shared hotel room.
    • 15 breakfasts
    • 15 Snack kits at the arrival of each stage
    • 15 dinners
    • “Transfer” by train from Lisbon to Porto to those who request it
    • “Transfer” by bus from Porto to Chaves
    • “Transfer” by train from Lagos to Lisbon or Lagos to Faro
    • GPS tracking and “Live Tracking”
    • Medical support throughout the race
    • Technical support in the use of navigation equipment
    • Personal accident and civil liability insurance
    • Official giveaway of the race;
    • Finisher Prize and Trophies
    • Daily laundry in self-service laundries
    • 1 laundry bag for laundry.

6. Values / Payment Solutions

Until 01/15/22 01/16/22 to 03/31/22 04/01/22 to 07/31/22 8/1/22 to 8/31/22
€2680 €2920 €3.160 € 3.300
  1. Payments in instalments are possible whenever there is an agreement between the parties. After the pre-registration is accepted, you must communicate your interest and the condition that best applies to the organization.
  2. Without prejudice to agreements made, registration is only validated after the initial payment of 30% of the total amount has been made. The payment must be received by the Organization by the agreed day or, by default, on the fifth working day from the accepted registration date.
  3. The amount must be paid by August 31, 2022.
  4. Failure to comply with the payment rules contained in the preceding paragraphs determines the non-acceptance of the application for registration in question or, if it has already been agreed, the revocation based on non-compliance with the Rule attributable to the Bidder.
  5. The Organization may, at any time, revoke the approval of a registration request based on the Competitor’s violation of the rules of these Rule or fundamental sporting ethical principles.
  1. Withdrawals that occur before the start of the race must be communicated to the Organization by email.
  2. The withdrawal must be communicated to the Organization up to 30 days before the start of the race. In this case, the Bidder will have the following option:
  3. Request registration in the following year’s edition and the partial allocation of the amount in the meantime delivered to the payment of this registration provided that:
    • The Competitor is entitled to a place reserved exclusively for the edition of the following year.
    • The Organization allocates 70% of the amount delivered in the meantime to the payment of registration in the following year’s edition, with the remaining 30% being retained for payment of administrative and logistical expenses already incurred in view of the Competitor’s participation in the current year.
    • Competitors must confirm their entry within 10 days of the start of entries for the race in the following year. If you do not do so, you lose the right to any refund or the right to request the allocation of that amount to the payment of subscriptions in editions of subsequent years.
  1. If the withdrawal is communicated only after the deadline referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, the withdrawn is not entitled to any refund or to request the transfer of his registration to the following year.
  2. In a time of a pandemic caused by the contamination of the COVID 19 virus, if the authorities are not allowed to hold the event, all confirmed registrations will be transported to the 2023 edition.
  3. The confirmed registration will be transferred to the 2023 edition, and the athlete must pay the remaining amount if any of the registration changes its value.
Article 4 - ROUTE
  1. The PT1001 route is along paths, trails, unpaved forest roads, and asphalt roads, which can be national or municipal, or simple local accesses.
  2. The race route is not marked on the ground, uses public roads, whether on or off-road, crosses villages and towns, and uses roads that cross private properties.
  3. The route is not closed for the race. Therefore, competitors must take into account the possibility of vehicles, people, and/or animals moving in one direction or another along the racecourse.
  4. In places on the course where there are gates or barriers, competitors must open and close them to pass, leaving them as they found them, and non-observance of this rule is punished with exclusion from the race.
  5. It is mandatory to complete the race route, and sanctions are foreseen for those who do not comply.
  6. The race route is considered an imaginary 100 meters wide corridor, containing the GPS line (track) of the racecourse. The applicable sanctions correspond to the addition of 10 minutes to the time spent by the Competitor in the stage, for each kilometre of the route not completed. For this purpose, any fraction of a kilometre missed is considered a full kilometre.
  7. Before the start of the race, the Organization loads the competitors’ GPS devices with the race route.
  8. GPS is the only guidance available to competitors to follow the race route.
  9. Competitors are solely responsible for the proper functioning of their GPS, for preserving the data uploaded by the Organization, and, above all, for ensuring that the GPS is always with them and recording the entire route taken.
  10. Except in cases where the Organization indicates otherwise, within the villages, it is not mandatory to complete the race route. A record is considered to be within a village whenever the line drawn is within or on the periphery of the urban area.
  11. Except in cases where the Organization indicates otherwise, competitors must always travel on existing roads, paths, or trails.
  12. The GPS line with the race route may contain continuity faults; in these cases, all options taken by the Competitor between the boundary points of the interrupted line are considered good.
  13. The GPS line with the race route may show deviations from the path marked on the ground, so competitors must follow the path marked on the ground even if this does not correspond exactly to the GPS line, as long as the deviations do not imply going beyond the runner 100 meters referred to in paragraph 6 above.
  14. The race route crosses many roads and crosses them, demanding from everyone caution and the obligation to respect the rules of the road code in force in Portugal.
  15. Failure to comply with the road code will be penalized for 30 minutes for each time it has not been observed.
  16. A competitor who fails to comply with the safety rule mentioned in the previous numbers more than 3 times during the race is excluded from the race.
  17. A competitor may leave the race route whenever he wants without suffering any penalty, provided that he returns to it at the same point where he left it or at a point preceding it.
  1. The Organization carries out the transport of luggage, from Chaves to the place where the race ends.
  2. Each Competitor’s luggage must be limited to 1 suitcase with a capacity of 80L or 23Kg and a backpack with a capacity of 10kg.
  3. The Organization transports the competitor’s luggage between the various stages that will be delivered to the respective rooms when allowed by the Hotels.
  1. The race is held on a total self-sufficiency basis, and the competitor cannot benefit from any outside help during the stages, under penalty of being excluded from the race.
  2. For the purposes of the previous number, any and all pre-programmed action to provide help in any physical form to a competitor, whether he requests it or not, is considered outside assistance.
  3. Except for the provisions of the previous numbers, the assistance provided by the Organization, when requested by competitors, in which case a penalty of one hour is foreseen, without prejudice to medical emergencies.
  4. Actions to aid athletes, carried out by decision of the Organization, pre-programmed or not, are lawful.
  5. Assistance, requested or not by competitors in the race, in the field of orienteering and the operation of GPS devices is lawful, with the exception of the supply of batteries for the GPS, for which a penalty of 15 minutes is foreseen.
  6. Assistance between competitors is allowed while they are running the race.
  7. The circumstance of a Competitor, during the race, does not constitute a violation of the provisions of number one, in an autonomous and unplanned manner, whatever it may be in private or public establishments.
Article 7 - MOBILE
  1. The use of a cell phone by competitors is mandatory, from the beginning of the stage to its conclusion.
  2. The lack or inoperability of the mobile phone, during the period foreseen in the previous number, gives rise to a penalty of 1 hour, for each time the failure occurs.
  1. All the articles requested in the Participant’s Guide / Racebook will be included.
  1. Competitors are required to use their race number.
  2. Race numbers identify you as an athlete and contain advertising alluding to the race’s main sponsors, which under no circumstances can be used for other purposes. Any change in size must be previously authorized by the Organization, under penalty of exclusion from the race.
Article 10 – START
  1. The Official Departure Time is the one indicated by the organization in the participant guide and corresponds to the GPS time for the Western European time zone (London, Lisbon).
  2. Departures can be made individually between a time window of 2 hours before the official time. Example: Departures scheduled for 09:00, may start the race at 07:00 of the same day without any penalties, but with the obligation to comply with the time limit stipulated by the organization.
Article 11 - ARRIVAL
  1. The Competitor finishes a stage when he crosses the respective Finish Line.
  2. The Finish Line is physically identified with a line on the ground, sign or overhead canvas with the word ‘FINISH’.
  3. The Control closes at the scheduled time as the step completion timeout.
  4. If the Competitor finishes the stage after the closing time, under the terms of the previous numbers, the respective stage is not validated.
  5. Upon arrival at each stage, all competitors are asked to hand over their GPS to the organization, so that the organization can use them to measure the route taken and verify compliance with the route established for the respective stage.
  6. The Competitor who does not hand in his GPS is assigned the maximum time provided for in the General Race Program for the respective stage, plus any penalties in the stage.
  7. If the GPS does not contain the record of the route taken by the athlete, the consequence provided for in the previous number is applied.
  1. The Organization installs Passage Controls (CP) along the route, which may or may not be identified.
  2. Failure to pass a CP implies a 60-minute penalty.
  3. The CPs can be monitored by elements of the Organization. In this case, the person responsible for the control post notes the passage of the Competitors, by recording the athlete’s race number, as well as the hour, minute, and second of the passage.
  4. The locations of the identified CPs are made known in advance to the participants, namely by indicating the geographic coordinates or signalling on a map of the race, previously uploaded by the Organization and visible on the GPS screen.
  5. Some CPs have a scheduled closing time, which is communicated to all Competitors the day before each stage. The closing time is updated, under paragraph 5 of the previous article.
  6. All Competitors who arrive at a CP after its updated closing time are obliged to interrupt the respective stage, and are transported to the end of it by the Organization or receive instructions on how to get there safely. Consequently, the step in question is not validated.
Article 13 - TRACKERS
  1. For the safety of the Competitors, the Organization will provide them with devices for monitoring their geographic positioning, the trackers.
  2. The damages that the tracker presents, when it is returned to the Organization, or its disappearance, are presumed to be attributable to the Competitor who transported it.
  3. The non-return of the same, or the return of the damaged device at the end of the race, obliges the Competitor who transported it to pay for its repair or replacement, the value of which may amount to € 150 (one hundred and fifty euros).
  4. To the Competitor who refuses to transport the tracker or not to transport it to the place indicated by the Organization, the stage is cancelled.
  1. Competitors who wish to withdraw from a stage must immediately inform the Organization, at any checkpoint or by calling the race director, using the card with emergency contacts, distributed to all Competitors before the start of the race.
  2. In the absence of information on the location of the Competitor, the Organization may initiate a search and rescue operation, the costs of which, if any, are charged to the Competitor who negligently or intentionally did not communicate his withdrawal.
  3. A competitor may abandon/withdraw in three stages after they have started, which may be consecutive or interspersed. In cases of withdrawal, the organization considers the participant as a non-finalist of the stage.
  4. A participant who has given up on completing a stage, whatever it may be, will not be considered a “finisher” but the distance covered will appear in the classification.
  5. If a Competitor withdraws or fails to validate three steps in a row, the Organization prevents him from carrying out the following steps. In this case, if the athlete intends to accompany the Organization until the end of the race, he may have to bear extra transport costs during the remaining stages, if any, this decision is taken on a case-by-case basis by the Organization.
  1. The Competitor may at any time withdraw from the race.
  2. The Competitor is not refunded the price paid for any good or service that he does not enjoy as a result of the race withdrawal.
  3. Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous number, if the athlete intends to accompany the Organization until the end of the race, he may have to bear extra transport costs throughout the stages, if any, this decision being evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Organization.
  1. The entry price includes the Competitor’s accommodation during the race in a shared double room.
  2. The allocation of a roommate is carried out by the Organization, taking into account, as far as possible, the requests made by the Competitors at the time of registration.
  3. Competitors may hire, at the time of registration, single accommodation(pack single), in which case they will be accommodated in a room they use exclusively throughout the race. The number of single accommodations is limited and will have an extra cost.

Race Director is empowered to expel Competitors who find themselves in any of the following situations:

  • Voluntary or involuntary state of incapacity, whether physical or mental;
  • unsportsmanlike conduct;
  • Violation of these Regulations
  • Illegal conduct;
  • Disrespect for the environment;
  • Gross disrespect for the Organization and/or other Competitors.
  1. For the purposes of determining the classifications, times are recorded and counted in hours, minutes and seconds.
  2. The Organization prepares two classifications daily, one referring to the performance of the Competitors in the stage of the day (Classification of the Stage), and another referring to the performance of the Competitors in the accumulated of all the stages accomplished until that moment of the race (General Classification).
  3. In either case, the ranking is ordered from the best to the worst time achieved – adding to the time obtained by the Competitors the appropriate penalties, if any, and deducting the appropriate bonuses, if any, also revealing the hourly averages and the hourly differences between competitors.
  4. The General Classification starts with the Competitors who have all the stages validated, ordered by the lowest total time scored in the sum of these stages, also considering the Interim Classifications.
  5. For Competitors whose classification includes fewer validated stages, their position in the General Classification is ordered first by the number of validated stages, then by the number of total kilometres, and finally by the lowest time recorded in the race.
  6. At the end of the 14 stages, the Final Times of each Competitor is determined and the Final Classification is drawn up, in the same way as in the previous numbers.
  7. All complaints must be submitted in writing within 60 minutes of posting the results.
Article 19 - AWARDS
  1. Trophies are awarded to the first 5 athletes in the Final Classification, determined in accordance with the previous article. To the remaining finalists a finisher prize.
  2. All participants receive:
    a) A toast alluding to the event;
  3. Competitors who have not been excluded receive a diploma with their ranking.
  4. All competitors who do not complete the entirety of the stages, but who have completed 500km without interruptions will receive a PT500 prize.
  5. Competitors who have all stages of the race validated will also receive a t-shirt/shirt or stamp with the inscription “PORTUGAL 1001 – Finisher”.
  1. The hypotheses not provided for in this instrument, as well as the interpretative doubts that may arise from it, are integrated and resolved by the Organization.

Last updated on November 11, 2021